Creative Piano Lessons in Central London

Learn to play the piano, and discover your very own creative voice.  I’ll  show you how to access your natural musicality and develop an outstanding piano technique.

As a trained posture and movement teacher, I can help you reach your fullest potential

Learning the natural way

We’re all natural improvisors. We improvise when we talk, when we walk, when we carry out any activity. We don’t plan what we’re going to say, rehearse it, and then nervously deliver a sentence. So why should this be different when playing an instrument?

When we learn to talk as children, we’re enthusiastic and curious. We take the time we need to organically build our skills. My aim is to show you how to play the piano as if it were as natural as talking. I’ll show you how to become a natural improviser and start composing your own music, right from the first lesson

“Daren, I wish I’d found you years ago!”

“The difference you’ve made, not only to my piano playing, but to my whole approach towards making music is astonishing!”

Polly H, London

Your other instrument!

There’s two instruments involved in making music, the piano, and your own body! Unfortunately the human body doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but I can show you how to use it correctly. I’m a posture expert, and I’ll be showing you how to avoid pain and injury, and to play with freedom and ease

Follow your passion

What’s your passion? Do you want to be an outstanding piano player? Do you want to be able to pick tunes up by ear and play them to your friends? Do you want to find your own voice at the piano, and play your own pieces? Do you want to be able to read and write music, and play the classics of the past?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. To excel in your learning, you must first have passion. Let’s talk about what ignites your passion, so I can help you on the path towards realising your dreams

Be the pianist you’ve always wanted to be

Find your voice

Finding your own voice is about having the confidence to sing your own song. To plant your feet firmly on the ground and present yourself to the world with no apologies.

Have you been hiding your uniqueness, and shrinking away from your creativity?

Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to play again. To put the rules aside for a while and see what happens when we have some fun. In my experience, the quickest route to learning the piano is by taking the time to enjoy the journey. This is also the key to developing good, healthy, playing habits and building a solid musical foundation

Hi, I’m Daren Banarsë

I’m a pianist and composer, and former music lecturer at Goldsmiths College, University of London. I studied at Trinity College of Music, and went on to train as a teacher of the Alexander Technique, specialising in posture and movement for musicians.

I work as a professional pianist, a TV composer, and I’ve spent most of my life exploring the mysteries of music and creativity. I love playing the classical repertoire, but really enjoy improvising and making my own music, and showing others how to do the same

My creative philosophy

If you pursue what you love to do, you’ll have every chance of success. I’ve always enjoyed recording myself playing the piano, and these recordings have found their way onto a lot of TV shows over the years, including the Apprentice, Top Gear and Coronation Street

As well as playing the piano, I believe in expressing your creativity in whatever form appeals to you – I’ve made sound sculptures for the Courtauld Institute of Art, written a Requiem for a choir of hooded monks at Somerset House, and written music for the Rambert Dance Company at the South Bank Centre. I firmly believe that if you can visualise it, you can make it happen!

Lessons for all

You don’t have to be ‘musical’ to come for lessons. I love working with beginners, nervous pupils, and anyone who has enthusiasm for learning the piano.

I also work with pianists who are more experienced, and are looking to take their playing to the next level

Many professional musicians come to me because of my expertise in posture, movement and performance. Some are suffering from back pain, neck pain, or other physical discomfort. Others come with repetitive strain injuries, such as carpel tunnel syndrome or frozen shoulder. I show them how to play in a way which avoids pain, injury and excessive tension

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“My confidence grows every day!”

“I’m on a roll. When we first met, I just wanted to be able to play a simple piece on the piano. Now I’m playing in my third concert, and my confidence seems to be growing every day!”

David H, London