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Creative piano teacher, composer and natural movement coach

From struggling pianist, to dynamic teacher

daren pianist My musical journey began not long after my fifth birthday, when my parents brought home an old piano from the local charity shop. I was fascinated by this huge musical toy, which was to eventually become a major part of my life. I grew up surrounding myself with music – playing in a jazz band, making my own TV themes, and playing chamber music with friends from the Saturday music school.

My passion for music led me to study classical piano at Trinity College of Music, London, as a young adult. These were great times, where I had the opportunity to practice all day, and perform and play with friends at night. After my training, my studies continued with Nelly Ben-Or, a concert pianist who also specialises in the Alexander Technique, a method for developing deep internal awareness and using the body in an efficient, coordinated way.

She was to be a great influence on me, and showed me how to play in an effortless way, without experiencing any back pain at all. As I learnt to play with the minimum amount of tension, my tone took on an a beautiful resonant quality. My playing reached a new level, and I found myself playing as a session musician in some of London’s top studios. I decided to train for a further 3 years as an Alexander Technique teacher, so that I could also show my pupils how they could play with freedom and ease.

I haven’t limited myself to the piano when expressing creativity – my journey has taken me on some great musical adventures. I’ve written music for adverts, and some of my favourite TV shows – Top Gear, The Apprentice, Horizon, Coast… My ‘Requiem for the Missing’ was performed at Somerset House by a troupe of hooded monks. I wrote an orchestral piece for the Rambert Dance Company. I’ve made musical sculptures for the Courtauld Institute of Art, and in my spare time, design and make wooden melodicas. I also worked for many enjoyable years as a music degree lecturer at Goldsmiths College (University of London).

3 Reasons to Work With Me

1) I offer a completely natural approach to playing the piano


The foundation of my technique is based on the body’s natural way of moving. This results in effortless playing – the better you get, the easier it becomes. It also ensures that you’re playing in a safe way which avoids the pain and injuries that are so common when playing the piano.

2) I’ll help you find your own voice at the piano

You have a unique creative voice. I’ll find out about you, your interests, and your creative direction. Making music shouldn’t be about following other peoples rules, or playing someone else’s version of ‘correctly’. It’s about following your passion, discovering your voice, and dissolving the barriers between your creative vision and its realisation.

3) I’ve been teaching and working in the music industry for over 20 years

I’ve been on an incredible musical journey since I was first introduced to the piano as a young boy. For me this has led to a career in composing music and playing the piano. Movement, posture and meditation have all played their parts in enabling me to reach my fullest potential. I now teach others how to play the piano, and help them on their journeys toward their highest creative potential.

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“I’m positively brimming with creativity!”

“I couldn’t recommend a teacher more highly than Daren. He’s funny, patient, and always encouraging me to be myself. I’m positively brimming with creativity when I leave the lesson!”

Jane W, Clerkenwell